The Bizarre Thing I Needed To Stop Doing To Lose 45 Pounds of Fat

What if I told you that I was once just like you – trying to eat less and exercise more and still not getting my dream body? I was chained to the treadmill – six hours a week! – and eating as though my last name was Cottontail (yup, carrots, celery, lettuce . . . all the zero-calorie foods I could think of) – but instead of getting the body I wanted, I was getting my mail delivered to the gym because I was spending so long there!

I thought it was hopeless. I thought that having three babies meant I would never get my body back. I thought I had to figure out how to go from six hours to eight hours a week in order to get off my weight loss plateau and get rid of the extra 45 pounds of baby weight that was stubbornly sticking to my arms, thighs, and belly.

But then I started studying the best bodies in the gym and it came to me:

I was running fast – in the wrong direction!

You may be there right now too. You see, as women, we’re taught to deplete, to disappear, to take up less room and be less in the moment. We buy into this mindset and we convince ourselves that without pain, without depleting our reserves of energy and food, we can’t possibly get the body we want. More than that – that we can’t possibly deserve the body we want.

But I couldn’t deplete any further. I had three children in diapers and no time to waste. I needed to get my life back – and my body back.

I began to study the best bodies in the gym and I came to a realization:

The best bodies in the gym weren’t the ones chained to the treadmill!

Think about it: do you ever watch a marathon and think to yourself: wow – I wish I had her body?

Me either.

But an episode of Dancing With the Stars? Wouldn’t you give your right arm away to look like one of those professional ballroom dancers?

Those women aren’t depleting, and they aren’t spending hours on the treadmill. They eat, they move, they train their bodies to do exactly what they need to be a professional athlete, just like a skater or a hockey player.

I didn’t understand: how come those women were tight, toned, happy and healthy – and NOT on the treadmill? I made it my goal to find out.

What I discovered shocked me – and it may shock you too!

You see, by eating less and less, and running longer and longer, I was actually training my body to store fat! I was working against my own goals – and working harder and harder against them every day!

Losing fat can’t happen if your body thinks you are starving it, and it can’t happen if you don’t teach your body to view food as fuel, not as fat that should be stored away for an emergency. The cycle of deprivation that I was doing was actually making my body less efficient, and making me more likely to hold on to fat than before I started my diet and exercise regime!

I began studying elite athletes. I became obsessed with figuring out why some people could eat a lot more than me – three or four times more than me – and yet they were not getting fatter. They were leaning out, and they had energy to spare. I wanted that.

During the course of my research I figured out what two things elite athletes did differently than your typical mom-on-a-diet, and why they were always more successful than us poor women.

I finally figured out that most diets that we know – the points, the public weigh-ins, the eat-this-but-never-touch-that – are not made to help you lose the fat and keep it off. They’re made to keep you subscribing to their service, buying their special food, and measuring things that don’t really matter at all.

I cracked the code and learned the two things you have to have every day in order to create a fat-burning furnace. I quickly lost the fat and went down two jean sizes almost before I knew what was happening. You’ve heard the phrase “The Scale Doesn’t Lie”? I’m here to tell you the scale is telling a story you don’t need to listen to. Honey, your skinny jeans don’t lie, and that’s all you need to know!

I became a personal trainer and my mission was simple: I wanted to help women to stop depleting themselves, and instead to find freedom: freedom from spending hours upon hours at the gym, freedom from denying themselves birthday cake, freedom from having to feel like the rest of the world is metabolically gifted and you’re stuck in some bizarre fat-coat that you can’t remember putting on. I wanted to be a role model to my daughter and I wanted my sons to have a mommy that was around when they needed her – not stuck in the gym trying to manually burn off breakfast.

That picture on the left? That’s me on my 40th birthday. I look so much better than I did in my 20s. I lost the fat – and I gained a life – and I want to share my message with women everywhere.

Stop depleting.

Stop trying to be less.

Embrace your body as a wonderful tool that you can train for ‘go’, not ‘show’. Become a powerful role model to your children and your friends and to other women in your life.

I’ve written a book that you can read to start your personal journey to freedom: The Tiara Transformation System. If you’re tired of literally running nowhere, get my book, get my formula, and get the body you want – you only tighter, stronger, happier – more of everything you are right now, except size! I know this plan will work for you – it’s worked for hundreds of women all across North America. Stop trying to lose anything: I’m inviting you to share my secret and to get the body you want. Get it here.[Insert Your Hoplink]

Never Tried

There was a time in my life when I was just like you. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a woman lost in extra weight and the baggy clothes she used to hide it. I knew I was too big. I knew this wasn’t the body that I was supposed to have. But I didn’t know how to change it. I’d seen my friends try every diet and exercise regime in the book, from cutting carbs to cutting meals altogether, and everything in between. There were hundreds, if not thousands of ways the people around me had tried to slim down, and you know what? Nothing had worked. And if thousand dollar diets and ludicrous gym contracts didn’t work for them, why would they work for me?

I used this mentality as an excuse for many years. I had four kids, and truly felt like I was stuck with the weight that came along with carrying four children. But one day, I realized that my size and appearance were holding me back. I’m funny. I’m charismatic. People like me. But I found myself not going to parties because I didn’t fit into any of my dresses. Why should I have to give up opportunities to be happy and live my life because I don’t like the way I look?

I didn’t know where to start. I’d never tried to lose weight before, so I signed up for one of the most popular programs around. I had my portion-controlled, low calorie, tasteless meals delivered to me and I dutifully stuck to this program. I lost a couple of pounds, but within a few months I had gained them back- and then some! I then added a treadmill to my routine, and started a different diet, but the same thing happened. I lost a little bit of weight, and then I found myself bigger than I was before I’d started the diet. I was at a loss. I knew from my friends’ experiences that these diets didn’t work. I knew that spending more time on a treadmill than with my own family wasn’t going to help, but I didn’t know what else to do. So I ate rabbit food and spent most of my free time running. I wasn’t losing weight, but instead of despairing, I took it upon myself to figure out why. Why were diet and exercise ruling my life, but not helping me change my body at all? What was I doing wrong?

One day, as I was huffing and puffing on the treadmill, I looked around the gym. The women on the treadmills beside me looked tired, worn out, and like they were struggling as much as I was. But in front of my treadmill, there was a woman who looked energized, and toned. She had a body that I thought I could only dream of having, but I made it my goal to make that dream a reality.

I approached this woman who looked happy and healthy: what did I have to lose? And you know what I found out? She was happy and healthy because she was treating herself properly. She was eating right. She was exercising right. She was living right. She wasn’t depriving herself of anything. In fact, she said she wasn’t even on a diet.

I couldn’t understand. How was this woman eating as much as she wanted and looking as good as she did? She told me that when you starve yourself, your body doesn’t know when it is going to get its next meal. In order to survive, it starts to store fat that it can draw from when it runs out of energy. This means that by eating less, you are teaching your body to hold on to fat! Some of us know this, and some of us don’t: but very, very few of us know the next step. Once you realize that starving yourself isn’t the answer, you have to figure out what is.

That’s a big thing to figure out. You know that you can’t survive on a diet of carrots and celery, but what do you replace it with? There are a million and one different ways to replace rabbit diets, but which one works? The woman I had spoken to had figured it out, but it wasn’t through trial and error. It was with the help of a woman named Tiara Cameron. Tiara is a personal trainer who went through the same trials and tribulations that all women go through trying to lose weight. She lost it and gained it back more times than she could count, and grew so sick of the pattern that she devoted her life to researching how to break it. Tiara studied and spoke to trainers, athletes, nutritionists, doctors, and fitness gurus, and discovered the perfect diet and exercise system to achieve the perfect body. You can’t even really call it a diet system, though. You can eat as much as you want! Tiara lost the weight that had been holding her back, and wrote the Tiara Transformation System so that other women didn’t have to suffer with their bodies the way that she had.

My new friend at the gym had been following Tiara’s Transformation System for a year, and had gone from a size 12 to a size 4. Tiara’s system had taught her how to lose weight and keep it off, and she swore by it. I bought a copy of the Tiara Transformation System: this woman had the body I wanted, and more importantly, she had a full and healthy life.

Through Tiara’s system, I figured out how to eat right. I learned what kinds of foods I needed to feed my body so that it wouldn’t store fat; it would burn it. I no longer needed to deprive myself. I could eat as much as I wanted and it would serve to fuel my body. It would give me the energy I needed to be a mom, pursue my career dreams, and feel confident in who I was and what I could do. I unchained myself from the treadmill, and I learned how to achieve ten times the results in a fraction of the time.

I dropped jean sizes more quickly than I could have imagined, because compared to what I’d done in the past, the process was near effortless. I began to feel confident. I began to go out, and started wearing dresses again. I got more compliments than I’d ever received in my life, and guess what? I was still eating a chocolate bar every day!

I had never thought that I would be able to feel so accomplished, and I owe my success to the woman at the gym who introduced me to the Tiara Transformation System. Without Tiara, I would still be running for hours on end while starving myself and the same time.

Nobody should have to feel ashamed to try to lose weight. Nobody should have to feel like a failure when their efforts don’t work. Nobody should have to miss a party because they look bad in their dress. I want to help you, and that’s why I want to get the word out about the Tiara Transformation System. It will teach you exactly what to do to get the weight off and keep it off the first time around. You don’t have to try diets and exercise regimes that don’t work, because I can tell you from first-hand experience that this is the only one that does. When you try Tiara’s system, you will find that you look better and feel better than you ever have in your life, and that’s something that you deserve!

Tried and Failed

I remember what it felt like to give up. To look at myself in the mirror and feel nothing but disappointment because no matter what I did and how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the weight off.

Ten years ago, I experienced failure after failure, experimenting with different diet and exercise trends and compromising my own happiness just to get down to a normal size. I was a single parent, and also trying to balance a career. I still had baby weight that was clinging to every part of my body, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of it. I tried cutting carbs, counting calories, limiting portions, and was still running on the treadmill seven days a week. One would think that going to these kind of extremes would lead to the weight loss I was looking for, but you know as well as I do that they just don’t work.

Not only was I not losing weight, I was struggling to maintain the other parts of my life. My job was suffering because I was constantly tired from not eating properly, and my kids had a mother who spent half her life at the gym. But the worst part was how I felt psychologically: I felt like a failure, and I started to lose the will to try.

It’s easy to give up. It’s a lot easier to stop trying than it is to keep trying and keep failing. I understand how it feels to go through that, because I’ve experienced it too. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. You’re not stuck being overweight for the rest of your life. You may think you are, but that’s because nobody has ever taught you how to lose weight properly and then keep it off for good.

You see, all the current diet and exercise programs that are out there aren’t there to help you. They’re there to make money. The companies that provide low-calorie, portion-controlled meals only profit for as long as you need their service. It’s simply not in their interest for you to keep the weight off. I figured this out after spending thousands of dollars on a program like this and gaining all the weight back almost immediately. This was just one more thing that made me want to give up on my weight-loss goals. I was this close to accepting that I was stuck in my overweight body for good when I thought to myself: there ARE women who eat normal amounts of normal food and who don’t spend their entire life chained to a treadmill. I knew this because I saw them at the gym. There were women with bodies to-die-for, but they weren’t the ones on the treadmill for hours. What was their secret? I made it my goal to find out, and when I did, it changed my life.

The women at the gym with these bodies I thought I could only dream of having weren’t starving themselves. They were eating properly balanced diets and treating their food as fuel. I discovered that what I had been doing was backwards: by eating less, I was making my body store fat. I was exercising without the necessary fuel, and teaching my body to hold onto fat because it didn’t know the next time it would get a sufficient meal. All the suffering, deprivation, and fatigue was for nothing. In fact, it was doing the opposite of what I was trying to do. It was making me gain weight.

The women who had these perfectly tight, toned bodies, had a secret. They had been using the Tiara Transformation System. This is a book written by a woman name Tiara Cameron who had tried every weight loss trick in the book. She had discovered through years of trial and error, alongside thorough research the only true way to lose weight, keep it off, and live a healthy and balanced life. Tiara had gone from your “typical mom on a diet” to one of the fittest women I have ever seen, and she had decided to share her secret to help women like you and me. She wrote the Tiara Transformation System to free all women from lettuce diets, treadmills, and a life of deprivation.

After seeing the results of women who had used this system, I had to try it. It required half as much time at the gym, and allowed to eat me more than three times as much as any weight-loss diet I’d tried. I lost two jean sizes before I knew what was happening: how were my old clothes too big while I was eating more and exercising less? I certainly wasn’t complaining, and the rest of my weight shed off just as easily. I have kept the weight off successfully, and want to help women everywhere do the same!

The happiness that my success brought me inspired me to share my story. I want every woman who ever felt like giving up to be able to turn her life around like I did mine. I have a body that is better than it was when I was in my twenties, and I still have a chocolate bar once a day! I have time to be the mom my kids deserve, and I can tell you that when I look in the mirror, I feel proud of what I have accomplished.

My goal in sharing my story is to help women be proud of themselves for who they are. Taking control of your body allows you to take control of the rest of your life. If you have a body that doesn’t hold you back, you can truly accomplish anything. You can be an inspiration to your friends, your family, your kids. You will have time and energy to do the things you want to do, and you will feel positive about yourself as you do them.

All these diet and exercise philosophies that tell you to eat less and to deprive yourself aren’t healthy. No woman should have to deprive herself. No woman should have to eat less, and no woman should have to be less. There IS a way to have it all, and all you need to do is follow the Tiara Transformation System. It worked for Tiara, it worked for me, and it has worked for hundreds of other women across North America.

Tiara wrote the Tiara Transformation System to reach women everywhere who have experienced the literal ups and downs of weight loss. I know how it feels to think that nothing works, but just like I was, you have been trying the wrong things. Once I discovered Tiara’s system, my life changed, and yours can too. With this system, you can free yourself from the treadmill, and cut the rabbit food. You can have a burger if you want it and not feel guilty for the rest of the week. You can stop ignoring your hunger pangs when you feel them, and you will feel your energy go up while your pants size goes down! I have turned my life around, and it is all thinks to Tiara. I have never been happier, and I want to pay it forward. I want to empower women; I want to empower YOU! Click here to start the Tiara Transformation System, and discover the fit, happy, healthy you that you have always deserved to be! Take Me To Training Now

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